Re-connecting you to the BEST VERSION of yourself

Working in partnership with you either one to one, or during workshops, I will help you clear your blocks to transform your life.

Release and be free from old limiting beliefs and emotions from unresolved events. Are you ready to feel empowered with life transforming skills?


A simple three step process to gain valuable insights & discover your personal limiting belief(s)


“Many thanks Jas, it was a great course and I was feeling considerably lighter in myself afterwards. This evening I wrote a tapping script for my daughter’s boyfriend sitting his driving test tomorrow. I don’t think I would have felt empowered to do that if it hadn’t been for the weekend and it feels good to be helpful already. It’s an exciting journey & thank you for your part in it.” Gillian

“I gained a clear understanding of how to use the techniques to work through my own issues and start to help other people.” Tamsin Alsbury

“Jas is an amazing teacher, its been very educational, fun and I have learnt so much.” N J Shafe

“Very well planned between theory and practises, clearly explained. I felt your commitment and passion. Thank you so much.” A.M

“I liked the live demonstrations.” Debbie

“I enjoyed the very simple everyday techniques to release tension and stress, which are simple and powerful.” A.A

“It was energising and I felt supported.” Lucy

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