Re-connecting you to the BEST VERSION of yourself

Working in partnership with you either one to one, or during workshops, I will help you clear your blocks to transform your life.

Release and be free from old limiting beliefs and emotions from unresolved events. Are you ready to feel empowered with life transforming skills?

I am a speaker, trainer and practitioner working with clients internationally; including clients from UK, Australia, Canada, Dubai, Denmark, USA, Switzerland, Romania, Germany, India and Ireland.


A FREE simple three step process to gain valuable insights & discover your personal limiting belief(s) that hold you back.


“Jas is as empathetic as she is professional. Not only do you feel heard, supported and like you are in capable hands she makes the sessions engaging as well as enjoyable. Everything was presented and carried out with genuine care, attention to detail, empathy and professionalism. Couldn’t have asked for a better trainer.” Vicky

“Jas is such an engaging trainer, she also makes sure that the way she teaches isn’t just information being spoken to us, instead she takes the time to develop tools and techniques by using props, story telling, visuals etc. Jas really breaks down the information in such an invaluable way.  I feel so much more confident with applying these techniques now with family and friends and I have a much deeper understanding of the techniques. Her teaching is very inspiring and I am grateful I took the course with her.” Era

“Jas provided a safe and nurturing environment for learning, which resulted in an inspiring and encouraging group dynamic. EFT is a gold mine of a tool that can be used to transform the self through breaking down limiting beliefs, allowing for a release of stagnant trauma energy from the body, and carving a pathway towards becoming the version of yourself you aspire to be.  I hope that my words are able to convey my gratitude and the healing power I see that is available to me now, for myself and others, as a result of this training.” Sarah

“I feel this training has given me the tools to work on my own personal issues with confidence, safely, in my own time, and in a way that feels manageable rather than being overwhelmed. I will also be able to use those skills to help the people in my life and have given me a great foundation to work towards becoming a practitioner. I also think that this course has helped my confidence grow. I just leave the training feeling upbeat, uplifted and excited to learn more.” Mhairi

“If you want to learn how to equip yourself with a technique that can release issues you try to deal with or try to keep in a box, then this is the course for you. I have developed a great insight into me, it has given me a much clearer perspective. My highlights were actually being able to release things that I have held onto for YEARS!” Karen

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